Dove’s “Choose Beautiful” Campaign

In 2015 Dove launched the “Choose Beautiful” campaign. The campaign uses the slogan “Choose Beautiful” to convince women that feeling beautiful is a choice. The advertisement shows women from five different countries looking at two side-by-side doors. One door has the word “average” printed on the front of the door while the other door has the word “beautiful.” The campaign launched on television commercials and social media platforms; however, Dove has utilized Twitter by responding to women who tweet about their insecurities. The advertisement targets women around the world. It provides a greater understanding to how different cultures across the world react to seeing themselves as beautiful. This campaign was launched to promote Dove’s “Movement for Self-Esteem.”

Some people did not react positive to this campaign. Critics stated that a woman does not have to feel beautiful in order to have high self- esteem. I think Dove can improve their brand by promoting different attributes that makes women beautiful. Dove can expand their campaign by incorporating the several characteristics that make up a woman’s inner beauty.

“Choose Beautiful” Commercial